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Tips for diamond jewelry care and cleaning

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There are few things to remember when wearing diamond jewelry. 

1. Diamonds are very hard, but they are not indestructible. Diamonds can damage other diamonds, colored stones, or jewelry metals when they are stored or worn close together.

Use a jewelry box with individual plush lined departments to store your diamond jewelry separately. 

2. Diamonds get dirty. This is partly because they have an affinity for grease and oils. Dirt can have a very negative effect on a diamond’s appearance, this is especially true of diamonds with lower color and clarity ranges. Some inclusions became very visible. Cleaning your diamond jewelry is essential. 

3. Chlorine bleach can pit gold alloys, which makes gemstone loss possible. Please remove  your jewelry when using chlorinated pools, washing your hands, etc.

4. The best way to clean your diamond jewelry is by using a toothbrush and soapy water. Commercial jewelry cleaners are also safe for diamonds and precious metals. 

5. Clean your jewelry professionally once or twice a year. 

Almost every jewelry store has an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. However, if your diamonds are treated or fracture-filled, it can damage your diamonds, can make them look cloudy or change their color. 

 6. Jewelry repairs can damage treated diamonds and can change their color as well. Some damage is reversible and some is not.

The disclosure of diamond treatments should be made when you buy diamond jewelry. Since fracture filling and color treated diamonds are a fact of life in the diamond industry, it is important to remember to check with the industry professionals, experienced gemologists or GIA laboratories when unsure. 


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