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Is sustainability important in jewelry?

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Jewelry is becoming a medium for social responsibility and ethical values. Ethical jewelry will be as important in the future as digital technology today, but it is a complex area currently. 

There is a lot of confusion around the definition of sustainability in jewelry.  Sustainability is a very general and broad term. It means many things to many people. In most cases, it means to sustain the time, but in a lot of cases it can be unethical as well. 

A lot of consumers are wondering where their jewelry came from and are looking for brands that practice commitment to sustainable development that protects environment and surrounding communities. While there is no scientific way to tell where the diamond came from after it is has been cut and polished, the mission is to match the rough to the cut diamond, so that the consumer can learn more about the diamond’s journey. 

What can be done to encourage high jewelry brands to practice sustainability? While the revenue of a business is very important, their engagement in ethical practices is crucial. It is becoming unforgiving not to consider this aspect. Treating workers fairly and developing ethical supply chain of diamonds and gold are important aspects of these practices. 

Gold mines are extremely polluted in mercury and as a result are causing high levels of environmental pollution. By recycling gold, increasing knowledge and education, jewelry brands can bring more awareness of the importance of sustainability in jewelry market.

What can be said about Lab grown diamonds? Many people are wondering if their production is more sustainable then the production of natural diamonds. The answer is no. While there is a market for lab grown  diamonds, the production of them requires a huge amount of water and power and results in high levels of carbon footprint. 



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