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Egyptian jewelry, reimagined

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Genuine Egyptian jewelry has been desirable throughout time. Through  it’s distinctive style, symbols and meanings, we are able to open the door to the ancient world of gods  and goddesses, pharaohs, creativity and mysticism of that time. No other civilizations conjure up as much mystery, allure and romance as the ancient Egyptians. 

Modern designs are very much influenced by the symbols and  imagery of ancient Egypt.  A good example is the excessive use of Evil eye symbols, snakes, amulets, emerald stones with the meaning of protection, sovereignty and the power of the goddess energy. 

Ancient Egyptians utilized precious metals and gemstones whenever possible. Emeralds always associate with Egypt because they were only found there at that time. The first known emerald mines are dated  from at least 330 BC and Cleopatra was obsessed with the green gem, using it in her royal adornments and her palace. Even her clothing and sandals were covered with jewels. Everything in her palace that could be bejeweled, (from ceilings to the furnishings), was.   Jewelry was the symbol of her power. 

Cleopatra was a true political leader in a world where  most women were encouraged  to be quiet and passive. She was more concerned to have a strong and dominant appearance rather then to be pretty or beautiful by any feminine standards of the day. The only indications of how she really looked like was her coins, where she looks very much like her father, with a hook nose and high forehead. Cleopatra’s coins were minted to her instructions and she  was sending the message that she was as good and as a valid of a ruler as any of the men who had gone before her. A queen who was born, raised and ruled the biggest most cultural city in the world, educated to the highest level and fluent in 9 languages. To her people she was a living goddess. 

Cleopatra  saw herself as Goddess Isis and often had been seen wearing a crown with triple snakes. The snake, or asp was the symbol of supreme power in ancient Egypt. Often appearing in the artwork on the monuments, it is the serpent that symbolizes divine authority linking the pharaohs to gods. To connect Cleopatra with snakes in this way made a lot of sense. 

In Ancient Egypt the Goddess Isis is the goddess of love, magic, and life. She usually appears with golden wings holding an ankh in one hand as a key of life, a symbol of eternal life. There are a lot of meanings prescribed to that symbol. Today in both jewelry and art, the ankh is used as a representation of a blessing, inspiration, creativity and a new beginning in life. 


When it comes to love, leave it to the ancient Egyptians to create the most heartbreaking love stories in the history. One of the earliest romantic tragedies  is that of Isis and Osiris, followed by Mark Antony and Cleopatra. 

The worship of Isis continues to be revered as a mother goddess. She is a goddess of love, beauty and abundance in the present day, inspiring artists, writers, designers all over the world. 

 The Eye of Horus is probably the most popular amulet. It is the symbol of protection and it is wildly associated with the all-seeing eye as a reference to the third eye.  



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