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The Diamond Handbag Collection

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Our new handbag collection can be described as most luxurious up  to date. The handles are designed in 14K white gold and diamond chain links, and can be worn as bracelets as well. The collection is made in Italy in very  light vegan Italian apple leather, as we are  moving towards more sustainable future and perhaps, new ways of enjoying luxury without harming any living beings.


The sustainable apple skin is produced by using fibers derived as residuals from the industrial waste of the apple juice industry. Not only are the waste management costs and relative damages to the environment are saved, this process is lowering the emissions and consumption of energy.


Our mission is to preserve our environment and the well being of all. Humans have been destroying all animals in sight for fashion, food, entertainment , etc. It’s time for us to start blessing this world and stop besieging it. It’s time to recognize that the source in all life - is the same soul no matter what the cover, no matter what the color, the gender, the design. Nothing defines life except life. So hopefully, we begin transmitting safety to every creature around us and embracing each life. This is the reason why this company was created, as we are hoping to contribute in raising collective consciousness on our planet.

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