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Colored gemstones massive growth

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Colored gemstone market is expected to grow in the next decade, study forecast predict for 2022-2031. The research study by Future Market shows positive recovery from 2020 tracking gemstone market in 20+ countries.

Government efforts towards environmental conservations have encouraged many companies to operate more responsibly, which means that companies have an obligation to maintain utmost operational transparency and offer the most responsibly sources gemstones. 

The climate for colored stones has never been hotter. Among the current jewelry trend in the market, color is the reigning theme of 2022 and the prospects for color sales are getting better and better.

 Of the ‘Big Three’ gems ( emerald, ruby, sapphire), there is no question which one is remaining to be in high demand.  
Emerald has transcended its reputation as an expensive, high value stone to  the most adored for any occasion.

With the high-end flocking to Colombian and Zambien emeralds, availability has gone down while pricing has gone up. The supply- demand dynamic has opened the door to more unusual greens — tsavorite, peridot, green tourmaline and garnets. No matter which shade it takes, green is the color.

Hyper saturated gemstones such as neon apatite, Paraiba, sphene are not traditional stones that customers have gone before, but now they are gaining reputation as super exciting and fun gems. 


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