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 About Yogi Dolls

Creating Yogi Dolls was fun and exciting. It wasn’t something we planned as a company for sure. Turning Alina Petra's every day Kundalini practice into a business had never crossed her mind, since she had absolutely no intention to teach yoga, especially to kids.However, yoga became a permanent part of her life, to that point where she couldn’t imagine her life without it. Yoga has definitely helped her to grow her business and to open her heart to new ideas and endless possibilities. It helped her develop qualities she never had before, but she needed to have to get where she am now. Mostly, it helped her to learn about herself and what she was capable of and to understand that she is not alone with all her issues and problems.

Yoga was also about community. Noticing kids coming to adults classes, watching their grace and wisdom, their ability to have fun in class vs adults taking it so seriously, made her wonder why she didn’t start any of this earlier. Because if she only knew back then...Lol. That’s the power of Kundalini, to make a difference in every day life, and to change lives.

This is why we created Yogi Girls.

Besides an empowering women message, it is also about remembering to have fun and start believing in the magic of life again and just be grateful for the simple things, like a new day, or a new sunset or just one more breath we wish we had in the end. So breath in, breath out. Enjoy!

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Yogi Dolls has no educational purpose on this site, they are fictional characters for entertainment purposes only.

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