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Jardin by Alina Petra

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How I decided to create my own parfum is one of my favorite subjects to write about. The idea came about much earlier then the opportunity, but it was definitely my long time dream. 

Being in Paris, of course, was an inspiration. Since Paris is the world’s largest center of Parfum making, learning about the process and the history of Parfum was truly fascinating to me.

My story started with me wandering around every parfum store in Paris, spending hours of trying out different scents and learning to recognize the main notes until my ability to recognize any fragrance was lost for the day completely.  It wasn’t anything like a project to me, it was more of a glamorous way to kill some time on a rainy day.

Until that one day I decided to take some classes to learn how to create my own Parfum in Paris. The process took my attention completely, and I quickly realized that I was on my way to a new business venture. I can’t say it was a success at first creation, just like any other of my business ideas, but practice  made it better. We only get good at things we constantly practice. Someone once said ‘Creation of parfum always starts in your head first’. I wanted my parfum to be everything that Spring brings into our lives.

‘Jardin’ is so much more then parfum to me, it is a story about new beginnings, new possibilities, new dreams and hopes. It is Floral. For its base I chose Orange, Bergamot and Citron, combining it with a middle note of Verbena and Neroli and touch of Lavender as a top scent.

This is MY FAVORITE and most powerful creation to this moment. So please try it out and don’t be afraid to leave your feedback. I am looking forward to your comments. 


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